January 2018
International Peace Writing Contest
Thank you to all those who participated in this year's International PeaceWriting Competition. We had a record number of entries this year (over 150 participants), making this a tremendously challenging process.

After careful review by our committee, we would like to congratulate the following participants for exemplifying incredibly unique and creative essays that were exceptionally written:
First Place: Elissa Kim
Second Place: Erin Kim
Third Place: Francis Park
11th Grade:
First Place: Hannah Kim
Second Place: Jiseon Choi
Third Place: Vincent Xie
10th Grade:
First Place: Alex Chon
Second Place: Ariana Wu
Third Place: Nichole Kim
9th Grade:
First Place: Kristi Lee
Second Place: Seung Jun Lee
Third Place: Shawn Lee
Middle School:
First Place: Brian Lee
Second Place: Jonathan Lee
Third Place: Sabrina Kim
Overall Honorable Mention:
Trenton Gin
Chaerin Chloe Lee
Stephanie Nam
Madison Kim
Sebin Lina Pak
Soma Chu
Hanvin Justin Lee

 The following students have been recognized through Global Youth Mission and the community for their outstanding efforts to improve the world we live in.

Jae Young Jaydon Han
Joseph Koo
Terrie Joo
Steven Seojun Park
Daniel S. Hwang
Nicolas Garcia
Kaitlyn Wawa Kim
Kaitlyn Kim
David Jeseung Ha
Joseph Dong
Aaron Kim
Ethan Lee
Justin Leung
Hannah Kim
Jiseon Choi
Sebin Lina Pak
Lanni Zhou
Justin Khou
Trenton Gin
Kenneth Um
Kristina Zeng
Isabella Tong
Mirabel Hu
Dohoon Kim
Harry Park
Julieanna Guo
Justin Hyon
Eleanor Min
Sally Min
Kenneth Song
Michelle Jeon
Edward Kim
Grace Park
Ryan Chung
Jesse Dong
Danielle Lee
Seonyoung Sunny Wang
Hanvin Justin Lee
Kristina Lauren Zeng
Annie Zhou
Mirabel Hu
Noah Won
Kellie Cao
Emily Hyun
Jaeyoung Justin Chung
Jerry Li
David Dongwon Yi
Ariana Wu
Esther H Park
Blake Han